The reason why you lose motivation


If I were to write a blog about change, I’d might as well find a publisher. This one word is responsible for pretty much all the motivation I get from a day to day basis.

Motivation to blog. Motivation to eat. To go to the gym.

Notice how I didn’t include: motivation to study, or motivation to do well in classes.

Why is that?

Of course I want to study more and do well in my classes and get a degree etc. But what’s the one thing that separates what I am motivated to do and what I’m not? Change.

Specifically: immediate change


By immediate I don’t mean a second after, but let’s say a week. That’ll be our basis. 

For example, I can study, make flashcards and meet with my teaching assistant but I’m doing so for only one reason: to do well on my tests. Doing well on tests therefore, becomes my motivation to keep doing well and studying. BUT, I have to wait till my test grade comes back to get that motivation.

It’s not immediate. 

This is a huge problem of course. I have to wait till that first test comes back, which is about a month and in the meantime, I have quizzes and homework, which themselves require motivation to do.


So how can you fix this?

Shorten the time you wait for that motivation. For example, as an obese person your motivation will be knowing that you’re losing weight. So, to shorten the wait, weigh yourself everyday. Losing half a pound a day may not seem like much, but trust me.

You see that half pound loss, and you’ll feel on top of the world. 


Another example. As a student, good test grades are your biggest motivator as I mentioned above. So how can you mimic that motivation? Test yourself (make sense why all teachers recommend this strategy now?) Testing yourself once a week will prove to you that whatever you’re doing is working. It’ll give you what you need to keep studying for the actual tests.

Because there’s nothing more motivating than knowing you’re on the right track.

So, find that ultimate motivator, for whatever you do. And chop it up.

Chop it up as fine as you can. As small as you can. Small enough so that each day is a guarantee that you’re on the right track.

Such is the grand scheme of life. Slow, small baby steps always wins the race. 

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14 thoughts on “The reason why you lose motivation

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote here. Do you have any advice from those suffering from burnout? I think this is the only time where it can be really, really hard to get back to it/find motivation.

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    1. My best advice and the most immediate thing you could do is find someone to work with you. Finding someone makes it 10x easier because they can keep you on track, keep you motivated and competitive etc. Let me know how it goes and thanks for reading 🙂

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