“I can do that” – said everyone

You’ve probably said this at least a dozen times in your life. Well, so have I.

Luckily, I stopped saying that and instead started believing this one thing:

If you’re looking to start a business like a bakery, or an online to sell shirts that you have designed for example, chances are you’ve racked your brain on how to make it unique.

I’m here to tell you, that’s not important. 

Seriously. We spend all this time trying to find a revolutionary idea. Spending hours and hours making new drafts and throwing old ones out. We never find one that hasn’t been thought up of and so we just give up. 

I’m here to tell you: fuck the uniqueness. 

You want a bakery? How many bakeries are there in your city that sell that same shit? The same muffins, the same doughnuts, the same, the same…

The difference between those wanting a bakery and those that have one? They realized that TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Enough thinking of a unique idea. I’m gonna bake, I’m gonna promote it, gain a following, use all natural ingredients, and I will own a bakery. PERIOD. 

Worrying about the chances of not being a big hit, WILL KILL US. Think about this: What if anyone that took their passion to 100%, eventually lived their dream? What if taking it to 100% is all that matters and all that ever mattered. I mean, how would we know otherwise, have you or I taken it too 100%? Yet?

You realizing you don’t need a unique idea, is what’ll make you unique. 

I stopped worrying about becoming a fitness model a long time ago. There are so many out there and the competition is insane. Worrying about not being different and not bringing something new to the table is not a luxury any one of us have.

Me, I realized the clock was ticking. 

It’s time you do the same. 



6 thoughts on ““I can do that” – said everyone

  1. Augh, thanks for the gut punch! haha.

    It’s so easy to productively procrastinate following through with an idea while trying to ‘perfect’ it into something mindblowingly awesome.
    Really, it’s just a clever way to hide being afraid and insecure and put off taking action.
    And, even though I know this, it really helps to read it again from an outside source. Great post!

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  2. I was coaching someone who said, ‘I cant possibly do ‘x’ because every body’s doing it and I won’t stand out.’ The next week they said ‘ I can’t possibly do ‘x’ because nobody’s doing it so it can’t be a good idea.’

    I find people are either ready to work or ready to continue to BS themselves. Only they have the power to decide which one.

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