My success vs. Your success

I apologize~

Up until now, I have been race-caring this idea of success around you yet I’ve failed to mention that it’s my own vision of success.

My vision of success is having a living doing what I love: fitness and helping others (my passion). While that may be a goal for all of us to some extent, there are other things more important and that’s completely dependent on you!

You may be happy with a minimum income job because you have the girl of your dreams to wake up to every morning. To you, that’s your vision of success. 

You may want to launch a startup and sell it for millions. That’s your vision of success.

success-is-relative I cannot stress enough the importance of this. If you’re going to learn anything from my blog, it’s this. As a matter of fact, I’d like you now to write down your ultimate vision of success. Your big goal in life on a piece of paper.

I want you to put that somewhere so you can see it everyday. This way, you don’t get discouraged when you see your friends or classmates getting good grades or getting great jobs. In the end, if you both are at the finish line, it doesn’t matter if he has more money in his bank account or you have the girl of your dreams. You both are successful!

Please understand this. Please don’t let someone else’s success put you down or regret decisions you’ve made. We are who we are in this world and we will be who we want to be and THAT is completely dependent on how you define it. 

So as a final reminder I say to you, “wear gym clothes while your friend wears a suit, draw while he dances and run while he drives his Porsche”.

You’re both on your ways to becoming your unique definitions of successful.

Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “My success vs. Your success

  1. Absolutely love this. And by the way, you’re not imposing your idea of success, as what you’re suggesting in every post can be applied to any type of person ! Always thrive to become the best version of yourself.


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