Success is a scary word

Isn’t it? I mean for me it is. It’s just seems so out of reach, so general, so big and daunting because not everyone has achieved it. So let’s stop using it. From now on, I will call it what it is. Popular YouTuber and Fitness Model. There, that’s me being honest, now it’s your turn. Be as specific as possible and comment below.

Now that I’m no longer using the “s-word”, let me write down how I plan to achieve that. Specifically of course. Firstly, I will keep blogging and keep writing my thoughts down because here I can be completely honest. Here my growth is being witnessed by you guys. Whether you think I’m wrong or whether I am completely wrong about something, I won’t be in the future. So if you call me out for being wrong now, then later when I’m right, I’ll call you out to remind you that I fixed my mistake.

Secondly, I have to continue bodybuilding. I am consistent but of course we all have room to improve so for me that’ll be eat less sugary foods and more sleep (I seem to have gym and eating the right amount down). Once this becomes second nature (I’m almost there) then I record it. I don’t want to start YouTube when I’m already looking like a model, there are already tons of those channels out there like that. I want to record my growth so when someone calls me out for being small, I can once again call them out in the future to show them how much I’ve grown.

These first two things I know I can do. I have been doing them fairly consistently up till now. However, now come the big steps. Next would have to be making an Instagram, updating my Facebook and showing the world and my friends who I’ve become. I’m not as worried about what people will thing as I am a little scared. It’s a bit intimidating I must say, because I have some friends that are bigger but nonetheless, it has to be done. But how will I take that next step?

Well, if you’re in my shoes and you KNOW what you have to do and you KNOW you will get there and you’re NOT afraid of the work but you are looking for a nudge then you’ll do what I’ll do. You’ll find excuses, anything that will get you off your ass and working. For example, I will get a job and tell my boss that I’m available for those days that I mostly do nothing except schoolwork (I’ve already done this and now I just have to take a drug test for the job). The ironic thing about me is that if I’m working and I barely have time to hit the gym, I will make sure I do everything in my power to hit that gym. As oppose to when I have hours to waste, I sometimes end up not going to the gym anyway. It’s sad I’ll admit but at the same time kinda weird.

So, this job is pretty much secured already which means I’ll take all the hours I can get and I’ll be more consistent with working out and eating healthier etc. More money in my pocket means I can get myself some nice clothes or help my mom out etc. All things that no matter how dark you are deep inside, will put a smile on your face because it’s money (and it’s helping your mom out, you have to be Satan to not enjoy seeing a smile on her face).

Well, for me that’s the next step. I won’t write down all of them because honestly I don’t know anymore haha and remember, we only take baby steps here. I’ll keep you guys posted when I start the job, tell you if it works out how I thought it would but in the meantime, motivate me. If you read this through, give me some feedback, it would be nice to hear back from someone about anything or to know that someone is waiting for that nudge just like me. Lastly before I go, I want to leave a quote that I found today which I thought was different from all the others out there:

“Losers look at winners. Winners look at winning”



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