No. 4 – Forget motivation. Have a code.

Motivation is too unpredictable.

It comes and it goes. Sometimes strong. Sometimes weak. Long-lasting, short-lived etc.

What if the reason we’re not getting anywhere is because we rely too heavily on it? For those of us that don’t get the daily motivation from our environments or our friends or jobs, it’s not working and we need something new.

What I propose is a code. Something to live by. A daily mission.

And the code I propose is to: do everything you do, to the best of your ability.

I mean everything. From eating every last crumb on your dinner plate to reading this post in its entirety. From removing any wrinkles on your clothes to brushing your teeth for exactly a minute. If you’re sick of that word (motivation) and if it’s not reliable enough in your life, then you as well as I could both benefit from a code.

Wouldn’t living by a code also require motivation?

Yes and no. Do you need motivation to eat or dress or shower? I hope not haha. And that’s the magic here. No matter how big or small what you’re doing is, you can apply this code to it. I’m not asking you to do anything more than what you’d normally do.

I’m not proposing you take up a hobby or go to the gym etc. All this code requires is doing everything you’d normally do on a daily basis but doing it the best you can. What this’ll do is allow us to focus on the small things in our lives which as you all know is key if you want to achieve the bigger things. 

Perfect the small things and you’ll be happily surprised.

What will I be surprised about?

You’ll be surprised how much difference and color you’ve just added to your life by doing something so fundamental. If you’re sick of no change in your life, if you’re sick of the same things happening and if you feel like you’re potential is being wasted day by day because you’re not (motivated) then what are you waiting for?

Forget trying new things or as Nike says, “Just Do It”. You’re thinking too far ahead. You’re a fisherman fishing for a shark or a 3 year old reading a dictionary. Instead, catch a small fish and prepare the best goddamn dinner of your life or read a book suited for your age and write a paper about it, proving you understood it.

Sounds good, but what next?

You’re right. What next? Let’s say you’ve “perfected” the code meaning everything you do everyday is your best work so now what? Well here’s a thought for you:

If you’ve lived by the code for long enough that it’s become a lifestyle of yours and truly everything you do on a daily basis is done 100%. What would happen if you tried something new? Say, something you originally needed (motivation) for. Would that be done to the best of your ability?

Would you walk into the gym and give everything you’ve got on that treadmill?

Would you try recreating a drawing online and keep ripping up drafts until you were 100% sure that what you had in front of you couldn’t be drawn better?

Did we just program a successful mindset into ourselves?

Just a thought.









10 thoughts on “No. 4 – Forget motivation. Have a code.

  1. That is a good thought .. when small things are perfectly done, it motivates us for the rest for the day for greater things…

    What can one expect if s/he comes up with a bad morning tea 😁 (Happens with me sometimes)

    Liked by 1 person

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