Passion cont.

Or better yet, how was I sure of mine. I didn’t wake up with a note by my bed with “Fitness” written on it. Nor did I hop out of the shower and head straight to the gym and start working out. For me and for you eventually, it’ll be hard to explain how you came about figuring out your passion. I don’t want to say, you just know it, because if I do you’ll stop reading and move on to another blogger. But just bear with me and if you disagree or if what I’m writing makes no sense then by all means read something else.

Like I said in another post, your conscience, your inner you, your best version of yourself hidden beneath your current self is aware of your passion and it has been since you were born. I believe in fate and I believe everyone is destined for greatness. We have the tools inside us but in order to use them, we need to find the purpose, the IKEA manual if you will. And its hard. Take me for example, I played soccer, video games, I drew and I went to the gym. These are all things that I loved to do. But as time went by, I played less and less soccer, ran out of ideas for drawing, and gaming was just fun because of my friends, without them it felt so boring. Bodybuilding remained.

But I still didn’t answer the question. How do you know? Well, think back to a time when you had tons of free time on your hands. You were being really lazy yet you still decided to do something. No I’m not talking about doing the dishes or watching Netflix etc. I’m talking about when you could’ve done anything in the world but you chose than one thing. In my case, while I was gaming, I saw a picture of someone on Facebook (an athlete) and I immediately dropped down and did 50 pushups. Those pushups turned into sit-ups and biceps curls and eventually I was doing pull-ups at 2 in the morning. That’s when I KNEW where my fate was written.

We are all lazy sometimes but be honest with yourself, there is one thing that’s always had the power to get you up and working. Think back, find that moment, figure out what it is and when you do, be proud because you’ve just taken your first step towards success. Reward yourself, have a snack, binge a tv show, do whatever you want, its your life and you should have fun. But tomorrow we’re gonna be thinking again, tomorrow we’re planning again and writing down ideas and although we’re moving slow…we’re going up hill, and that’s the only thing that matters to me.


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