A simple weird method to increase your productivity…

Nothing beats coming home from work, dropping everything and easing into your comfort zone. For me, that comfort zone is turning on a film, turning on the AC then my computer and proceeding to watch YouTube videos, surfing the web.

Now this is nice and all but sometimes (actually most of the time) it doesn’t satisfy us. Time passes so fast when you’re having fun/chilling that before you know it, the next day comes and it’s work time again. And this process repeats over and over again…

It’s so easy to get lost in that repetition and to ultimately waste time, so today I decided to try something. Something that just might make me a little more productive.

I tried my old random motivation method.Β 

  • Make a list of everything you would like to do when you get home. These are things you want to try out or things you know would benefit your aspirations/dreams.
  • Also, add in things you know you have to do, but are too lazy to do (i.e. clean room).
  • Lastly, make sure to add in “relax” as one of the numbers…just because.

-My List-

  1. Clean Room
  2. Draw
  3. Read (1 hour)
  4. Design (1 hour)
  5. Study Polish (30 minutes)
  6. Study Japanese (30 minutes)
  7. Relax

Next, use a random number generator (1 – x) and proceed accordingly.

I got 2, so I drew:


When the week ended and I looked back to recap, I found something this time, something different, something that wasn’t there before, a drawing.

– Why Did This Work? –

It’s weird to say the least, but let’s try and figure out why.

Firstly, it’s fair. You won’t get “relax” everyday but it is there meaning it is possible that you could get it everyday (however improbable it may be). It’s not a constant schedule, you don’t know how the day could, it’s mysterious….sort of fun…

Secondly, fate or destiny has no place here (if you believe in such things). You could curse the heavens for making you read 7 days in a row but then you’d really only be cursing at numbers…and if you don’t like the number, roll again.

Also there is the possibility that the snowball effect will ensue. Drawing for an hour could segue into designing for an hour, which will then segue into hitting the gym, you know how it goes.

21 days of this and you just might find yourself increasing the items on the list. Hell, you might even increase the duration (read for 2 hours as oppose to 1) because it works!

NOTE – If you have only one goal and not ten like me, say becoming an artist then you can make a list of different types of artwork. For example:

  1. Painting
  2. Printmaking
  3. Sculpture
  4. Graffiti
  5. Photography

And the number the generator spits out will be the type of art you create that day.

Now it’s your turn!

Make a list, comment it below, randomly generate and trust me….you’ll become more productive.

Good luck!






15 thoughts on “A simple weird method to increase your productivity…

    1. I know right! It’s so frustrating, everyday is the same and before you know it, a month has gone by and you’re like, “what the shit!” haha. Make the list and make sure to tell me about it, I’m interested to see it. It’ll work, trust me πŸ™‚


  1. I love how you point out how easy it is to get sucked in that time wasting vacuum. Netflix obviously being the best example of them all. Your method for improved productivity is interesting. I really like the idea of adding rest in the regimen since it’s just as important (and often neglected) as anything else on that list. I also like how you make it into somewhat of a game adding a bit of excitement and mystery to what some may deem to be tedious. Enjoyed the read keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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