5 Tips To Spice Up Your Workplace And Become More Productive

We’ve all heard the words: home is where the heart is. 

However for most of us, home has become a trap. A comfort trap, someplace we look forward to everyday simply to do nothing.

For those of us eager for change in our loves, this has become a huge problem. We no longer look around our rooms for inspiration or motivation, as we should. Instead, it’s become a daily reminder that today will be just the same as yesterday. 

And if we don’t change the environment we live in, how can we hope to change at all?

But how do we turn out workplace into an inspiration, a playground for ideas to blossom from? A place for our inner child to go crazy and let loose?

The good news is, it’s an easy and fun change.


Tip #1 – Add Something Different

It’s been a while since something different found itself on your table but you’d be surprised with the impact it has. Something that’s never been there before can be your constant reminder that things/people can change.

Tip #2 – Keep A Journal Handy

We’re writers, content creators, artists, visionaries etc. We’re fishermen waiting in the water for an idea to swim by. Could be a million dollar idea or a five minute burst of energy. Whatever it is, jump at it and write it down quickly. Ideas are slippery suckers.

Tip #3 – Remove Distracting Items

This goes without saying. We’re trying to condition ourselves to become more productive in order to create something beautiful. We must remove any reminders of bad habits we have or distracting items that can draw our attention and make us procrastinate. Removing the bad habits in your life will make way for the good ones.

Tip #4 – Take A Break

Breaks are important. Working the whole day online; blogging, researching, reading, connecting with your readers, is not easy and without a break, you’ll end up working less efficiently or worse, giving up. I’d recommend a stress ball or Rubik’s Cube on your table just to take a 10-minute break and zone out.

Tip #5 – Have Water/Snacks Handy

I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of more water in your daily schedule. Strictly from a mental perspective, water improves concentration and cognition. It also helps balance your moods and emotions and helps maintain memory function. Keep a bottle handy and some healthy snacks handy to improve the quality of your work.










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23 thoughts on “5 Tips To Spice Up Your Workplace And Become More Productive

  1. These are some great tips and ideas that I’ll definitely implement in my studio to help boost my creativity as an Artist… I especially love the idea to add something different – it’s always good to mix things up a bit I guess! Thank you for sharing this, you have a great blog!


    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate you reading and stopping by! Keep being creative and make sure to add something different to remind you of change 🙂 Thanks again! Also quick question, do you use FaceBook?


  2. Your post is great. We can associate our work place with our home life as well. Changing what we do all the time. Great work


  3. Simple and yet effective. You are right to highlight the importance of self-care and creating a stimulating environment. I applied the basic principles of feng shui to my office…it was transformational! (BTW typo in your first paragraph: love).


    1. Ah thanks for the heads up 🙂 I’ll make sure to fix it. Also thanks for reading and stopping by, your completely right about a stimulating environment and I’m glad to hear you transformed yours 🙂 Keep writing! Also quick question, do you use FaceBook?


  4. Love this post. Thank you. I especially like your comment that “ideas are slippery suckers”. I’ve been writing “Morning Pages” for the last two weeks – the idea is that you write 3 pages every morning of your thoughts and feelings, basically anything that you’re thinking about / worrying about / trying to plan. I’ve progressed my thinking so much faster in these last two weeks than I think I’ve probably done in the previous year! Keep writing!


    1. That’s amazing! It’s great how effective consistency is isn’t it. It’s literally a guarantee of improvement, which is great because there are very few guarantees in life. Keep writing! Also, quick question, do you use FaceBook?


  5. This was so useful! I had always thought of it as have more healthy habits. I’ve tried to adopt a whole bunch at once. But removing negative ones makes more sense and a way better approach! Thanks!


  6. This is awesome. I also believe the more positive energy one shares will pass onto another. No one likes a Negative Nancy in the workplace so we have to take charge of being open to eachother n be human, not robots who punch in n punch out. We need to leave the workplace knowing we did something good not just for our customers but for eachother. Great advice here. RAMFB

    Liked by 1 person

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